Thursday, October 01, 2009

See It On Film: October 2009

Here are some of the films from the Criterion Collection that are showing in the Los Angeles area in the month of October. Not a lot going on this month as the Cinefamily and New Beverly gear up for halloween (horror is not Criterion's best-represented genre). LACMA has an Alain Resnais series. If you know of any listings (or shows in other geographical areas) that I've missed, please drop me a line and I'll add them.

  • October 2, 7:30: Last Year at Marienbad, LACMA, $10.

  • October 2–October 8: Rashomon, Nuart, $10.50.

  • October 3, 9:30: Night and Fog, LACMA, $10.

  • October 16–17: Double Feature: Divorce Italian Style and Seduced and Abandoned, New Beverly, $7.

  • October 21, 8pm: Häxan, featuring a live score by Eddie Ruscha, Cinefamily, $12.