Friday, September 23, 1994


#1: Grand Illusion (8-29-2004)
#2: Seven Samurai (11-29-2004)
#3: The Lady Vanishes (11-8-2004)
#4: Amarcord (11-9-2004)
#5: The 400 Blows (11-22-2004)
#6: Beauty and the Beast (1-10-2005)
#7: A Night To Remember (12-19-2004)
#8: The Killer (2-9-2005)
#9: Hard Boiled (3-20-2005)
#10: Walkabout (1-18-2005)
#11: The Seventh Seal (1-28-2005)
#12: This Is Spinal Tap (4-26-2005)
#13: The Silence of the Lambs (2-15-2005)
#14: Samurai I - Musashi Miyamoto (1-30-2005)
#15: Samurai II - Duel at Ichijoji Temple (2-1-2005)
#16: Samurai III - Duel at Ganryu Island (2-2-2005)
#17: Salò (3-26-2005)
#18: The Naked Kiss (2-10-2005)
#19: Shock Corridor (2-17-2005)
#20: Sid & Nancy (5-10-2005)
#21: Dead Ringers (4-21-2005)
#22: Summertime (3-30-2005)
#23: Robocop (4-3-2005)
#24: High and Low (4-6-2005)
#25: Alphaville (4-8-2005)
#26: The Long Good Friday (4-9-2005)
#27: Flesh for Frankenstein (5-13-2005)
#28: Blood for Dracula (4-28-2005)
#29: Picnic at Hanging Rock (5-3-2005)
#30: M (5-24-2005)
#31: Great Expectations (6-23-2005)
#32: Oliver Twist (7-9-2005)
#33: Nanook of the North (7-11-2005)
#34: Andrei Rublev (7-27-2005)
#35: Diabolique (8-6-2005)
#36: Wages of Fear (8-7-2005)
#37: Time Bandits (8-21-2005)
#38: Branded to Kill (9-4-2005)
#39: Tokyo Drifter (9-4-2005)
#40: Armageddon (9-14-2005)
#41: Henry V (10-2-2005)
#42: Fishing With John (10-26-2005)
#43: Lord of the Flies (11-30-2005)
#44: The Red Shoes (12-25-2005)
#45: Taste of Cherry (12-27-2005)
#46: The Most Dangerous Game (12-31-2005)
#47: Insomnia (1-7-2006)
#48: Black Orpheus (1-16-2006)
#49: Nights of Cabiria (1-27-2006)
#50: And the Ship Sails On (2-7-2006)
#51: Brazil (3-8-2006)
#52: Yojimbo (4-3-2006)
#53: Sanjuro (4-10-2006)
#54: For All Mankind (4-23-2006)
#55: The Unbearable Lightness of Being (5-25-2006)
#56: The 39 Steps (6-9-2006)
#57: Charade (7-2-2006)
#58: Peeping Tom (9-4-2006)
#59: The Night Porter (9-10-2006)
#60: Autumn Sonata (9-20-2006)
#61: Monty Python's Life of Brian (10-15-2006)
#62: The Passion of Joan of Arc (11-7-2006)
#63: Carnival of Souls (12-27-2006)
#64: The Third Man (1-15-2007)
#65: Rushmore (2-9-2007)
#66: Orphic Trilogy (5-3-2007)
#67: The Blood of a Poet (3-22-2007)
#68: Orpheus (4-18-2007)
#69: Testament of Orpheus (5-3-2007)
#70: The Last Temptation of Christ (5-24-2007)
#71: The Magic Flute (6-15-2007)
#72: Le Million (7-5-2007)
#73: Cléo from 5 to 7 (8-1-2007)
#74: Vagabond (8-23-2007)
#75: Chasing Amy (9-23-2007)
#76: Brief Encounter (10/2/2007)
#77: And God Created Woman (10/8/2007)
#78: The Bank Dick (10/17/2007)
#79: W. C. Fields - Six Short Films (11/16/2007)
#80: The Element of Crime (12/16/2007)
#81: Variety Lights (1/17/2008)
#82: Hamlet (2/24/2008)
#83: The Harder They Come (3/10/2008)
#84: Good Morning (4/28/2008)
#85: Pygmalion (8/7/2008)
#86: Eisenstein: The Sound Years (9/1/2008)
#87: Alexander Nevsky (9/1/2008)
#88: Ivan the Terrible - Parts I & II (1/4/2009)
#89: Sisters (1/14/2009)
#90: Kwaidan (3/25/2009)
#91: The Blob (5/3/2009)
#92: Fiend Without A Face (6/15/2009)
#93: Black Narcissus (8/25/2009)
#94: I Know Where I'm Going! (9/7/2009)
#95: All That Heaven Allows (12/8/2009)
#96: Written on the Wind (1/8/2010)
#97: Do The Right Thing (3/22/2010)
#98: L'Avventura (6/3/2010)
#99: Gimme Shelter (7/16/2010)
#100: Beastie Boys Video Anthology (8/21/2010)
#101: Cries and Whispers (10/5/2010)
#102: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (11/1/2010)
#103: The Lady Eve (1/2/2011)
#104: Double Suicide (2/1/2011)
#105: Spartacus (2/25/2011)
#106: Coup de Torchon (3/13/2011)
#107: Mona Lisa (4/8/2011)
#108: The Rock (6/9/2011)
#109: The Scarlet Empress (7/6/2011)
#110: M. Hulot's Holiday (10/4/2011)
#111: Mon Oncle (11/29/2011)
#112: Play Time (3/15/2012)
#113: Big Deal On Madonna Street (5/9/2012)
#114: My Man Godfrey (12/1/2012)
#115: Rififi (8/4/2013)
#258: Tanner '88 (10/24/2004)


GarethXXX said...

Can anyone tell me all the songs/music in Silence of the Lambs which are not on soundtrack album please?
Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus is one.

The Matt In The Hat said...

Dude! You just received a shout-out from Roger Ebert himself! To wit:

It's not exactly an "award", but it beats his response to my jest on the sensory savagery of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen by a country mile. Congratulations.

Matthew Dessem said...


Thanks! So far I've avoided Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, in 3-D or otherwise. I think that's been a pretty good strategy for me so far...

Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew Dessem,

I started reading your blog a few months ago, and as is typical when I like something, I've waded through quite a lot of it by now. Also typical = reading peripatetically, I can never remember where I read something good, and it then seems very important to find that good thing.
So I think I may have read, somewhere on your blog a quote (possibly by Nabokov) about how prose is either written in a language resonant with your internal, thinking language, or written in an unfamiliar style. And whilst the former may be easier to read, the latter challenges you more and therefore may be more rewarding. (I don't remember the phrasing, it was definitely better than this)

Anyway, sorry to bother you, but if you do get this and have a spare minute - and know the random excerpt I am talking about, I would be very indebted if you would tell me where it comes from.


John B. said...

Hi Phoebe,

I think the quote you refer to is in my comment to Matthew's essay on Andrei Rublev (#34).

John B.

Anonymous said...

why thank you, John B. A great quote!

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